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99centbrains surpass 1 Million Downloads in 3 months


See how we got 99centbrains
1,000,000 App Downloads

We helped 99centbrains increase revenue by building the Catwang Android app – that tallied over 1,000,000 users in the first 3 months!

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The Problems

Franky Aguilar, CEO of 99centbrains, was leaving money on the table. He had a lot of users for the 99centbrains iPhone app, and he knew that there was pent up demand for an Android app.

He was working with an Android developer who, after months of time and money wasted, simply could not deliver.

The Results

Within 2 weeks, we had a working version of the app.

After 3 months of releasing the app we already accumulated over 1 million users.

This resulted in more money for Franky, as well as a BIG opportunity to exploit all these new users.

Full Case Study

99centbrains iOS to Android Case Study

To date 303 Velocity has helped 99centbrains bring in over 2 million users through their Android apps. Of course 303 Velocity can’t take all of the credit for this success. In fact, all we did was take what was a great lineup of iOS apps and ported them over to Android…

We helped 99centbrains
increase their revenue with WayCooler

“We helped 99centbrains increase both its brand and revenue by building the WayCooler Android app”

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The 99centbrains story

It started with a call


It all started when Franky Aguilar, founder of 99centbrains, reached out to me in September 2012. He had some great success with his Catwang app on iOS and knew that he needed to make it available to Android users as well. And he needed to get it done just ASAP. Otherwise he would be leaving money (and perhaps lots of it!) on the table. The need was obvious because his market was demanding an Android app.

Problems with typical Developers

Franky explained the current situation to me. He had been working with an Android developer and, to put it lightly, things weren’t going so well. The app simply wasn’t working and, perhaps even worse, the software developer he hired was not being responsive. This left Franky in a bad spot as he certainly didn’t want to throw more good money after bad.

Our Results

He hired 303 Velocity, turned the code over to us, and we returned the first working version of the app in about two weeks. (We had a big advantage in the fact that we had a team member who had worked on similar apps – so it didn’t take him long to get it working.)

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One Year later

Stronger than ever

We spent a couple more weeks ironing out some bugs and the app went live. Before we knew it, we were seeing thousands of downloads. It’s now been close to a year since we partnered with 99centbrains. And they now have multiple Android apps with millions of unique user installs… Here are just a few

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