Android Leading in Revenue

If you’ve been following any of our information here at 303 Velocity, you already know that Android leads in terms of pure market share.

That is, there are more Android devices in the market, more Android apps get downloaded and users as a whole spend more time on Android than on any other platform.

So it’s not a surprise that in the 1st quarter of 2015 Android surpassed iOS in ad revenue.

Does this mean that you should focus on Android over iOS?

Not so fast!

You need to keep in mind:

iOS still leads the way in terms of monetization. That is, Apple users are still much more likely to pull out their wallets and make payments than are Android users. See the numbers below:

Traffic share by device OS



Revenue share by device OS

image (1)

What does this mean for you and your apps?

Well… if you’re not on Android you definitely need to consider it – especially if your users have Android devices.

If your main goal is monetization, you’ll still likely want to focus on iOS (and iPad) first.

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