You have a great app idea for a Healthcare App and you want to turn that idea into a reality - so that you can:

   Stop dreaming about creating your app

    Get your app built

   Get your app in the app stores, and thereby

   Boost profits for your business.

We can help you build great apps that sell

We not only build great apps that get more downloads and sales, we also have experience creating Healthcare apps. How can we help you build a great app that helps your business grow? Here’s our process:

Our Process

First, you need to share your information with us here - so that we can understand your goals and how building an app fits into those goals.

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The Next Step

We’ll then reach out to you so that we can schedule a confidential chat about how building your Healthcare app grows your business.

The Discovery Process

If we think you’re a good fit for us, we will ask for you to schedule a more in-depth analysis of your business in which we discover how building an app fits into your business goals.

App Store
Market Analysis

We always begin with an in depth marketing analysis. This is what the Discovery Process includes:

Market Analysis

An App Store Market Analysis

You don’t want to gamble when you’re spending your business’ money to build an app. It would be nice to look into a crystal ball and see if your mHealth app will be successful. Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball. But we do have something that works in a similar way, that will help us know how your app will fare in the app stores...

Massive Database

We have access to the wealth of information from well over 1,000,000 apps out there in the app stores and we can leverage this information about these apps’ successes and failures - so that we greatly improve the success of your healthcare app.

Competitive Analysis

In this Market Analysis we will look at apps that are similar to (and will be competing with) yours and analyze the apps’ rankings, ratings, reviews, keywords, titles, icons, screenshots, descriptions...and much more.

Comprehensive Report

Once this rigorous, thorough analysis is complete, we compile our findings into a summary report that tells us what makes a successful app: an app that will get downloads and sales. In short, we greatly increase the likelihood that your app will make money for your business.

Roadmapping Sessions for

Shaping your apps' success using hard data

Roadmapping Session

Sharing our Analysis

With the App Store Market Analysis complete, our team will meet with your team and discuss our findings from the analysis. During this discussion, we are sure to come up with new ideas on how to improve upon your app idea.

Getting all Stakeholders on the same Page

The next step is to complete the Roadmap for your healthcare app. We do this with a structured 1-2 day meeting with all key stakeholders - including consultants from our team, key people from your team, and anyone else, like customers and consumers of the app.

Crystal Clear Communication

The underlying theme during these Roadmapping Sessions is that we are all communicating and we are all (eventually) on the same page. We will ask you many candid questions about your business and we will all be doing quite a bit of brainstorming. And the underlying goal is to build the best healthcare app we can possibly build, an app that your users will love to use.

Market Re-Analysis

You will have homework to complete before we even meet! We will then review the homework and Market Analysis, and discuss the goals of the app, the problems the app solves, and the ideal solutions to those problems. We will also discuss personas and come up with a list of user stories for your app.

User Flows

At this point we have enough information to go off, compile our findings, and then present to you a Roadmap that includes the above mentioned items, as well as User Flows. With this Roadmap you can go to your preferred app development team (hopefully us!) and get a fairly accurate estimate of the cost and time to complete your healthcare app.

This all sounds like a lot of work to do BEFORE actually building the app, right?

Right. And there’s very good reason to do it. These are the lessons we’ve learned over the years of building apps (well before there were even “apps” or “app stores”!).

You see, it turns out that the more time you spend up front discovering what it is you’re building and why you’re building it, the better off you’ll be down the road.

Now then, we’re on to the proposal for the actual app development... Here’s what the proposal includes:

Now then, we’re on to the proposal for the actual app development Here’s what the proposal includes:


We’ll come up with drawings that show the functionality (not the look) of the app. Think pencil and paper sketches (though our tools are a bit more advanced). We do this simplistic, less-visual approach on purpose so that you don’t get hung up on colors and the exact positioning of things. Rather, at this stage, we want to focus on getting the functionality of the app right.

  Graphic Design

This is where the beautiful colors, styles, fonts, and graphics come in. These will likely look so good and so real that it seems like we’re almost done programming the app (before we’ve even started!).


This is where we write the actual code for your app.

   Publishing Your App.

When the app is completed and approved by your team, we will publish it in the app store.

Here’s a high-level overview of how we manage all of this. We give you:

  A list of tasks to be completed for the project.

  Real-time updates of what we are working on.

  Weekly status updates to ensure your project is running smoothly.

  Demonstrations and live app releases for you to test (every 1-2 weeks).

Once your app is complete, we put your app in the app stores - iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc - so that you’ll grow your user base and get more downloads and sales for your mHealth app.

Confidential Discussion

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